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ZAR Formenti

Be brave to stand out

ZAR Formenti

Designed with Passion
Build in Italy

ZAR Formenti

ZAR Formenti the world famous Italian RIB manufacturer based in Motta Visconti (Milan)has been producing handmade inflatable boats since 1979.
Even today the ZAR Formenti shipyard ,in manual work and under strict quality controls, produces unique rigid hull inflatable boats.

What makes ZAR boats so special?
ZAR inflatable boats have a very deep V-hull and so-called “tunnels” through which the water is drained to the rear. This interplay of V-hull and tunnels have an active damping effect when diving into a wave, which results in an exceptionally smooth ride. In addition, boats from ZAR Formenti have a longer hull than other manufacturers, this also contributes to improved handling. It is not for nothing that the saying circulates among ZAR owners and drivers:

A CAR is simply a CAR!

The “omission” of the hose at the bow creates an incredible space gain, which is unrivaled.
The space and storage on a ZAR Formenti rigid hull inflatable boat is huge due to a very well thought out design, no space is wasted here.

Convince yourself of the quality, design and driving characteristics of a ZAR. As a long-standing and official ZAR dealer in Europe and Germany, we always have many ZAR models ready for you in our showroom in Rietberg and are ready to help and advise you.