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Our services for your boat


We offer a wide range of services around your boat.
This includes our winter storage, engine service, repairs for GRP and gelcoat, and inflatable boat repairs. Of course, we also carry out all desired installations and conversions and are happy to advise you on the subject of financing and insurance.
In addition, we are sworn experts and are also happy to evaluate your used dream boat.

Winter camp

Dry and safe storage for your boat

Our winter storage for boats includes and can accommodate up to 100 boats. The fully fenced and video-monitored hall offers you the possibility to store your boat dry and safe all year round.

  • Fully fenced and video monitored warehouse
  • Dry winter parking
  • Year round storage for your boat


Professional repairs for your GRP or inflatable boat

GRP repair – deep damage

We repair deep damages with our GRP repair. This involves repairing the damaged area and thus restoring the tightness of the hull or even the deck. The load capacity of your boat after repair is equal to the original condition. A new gelcote is then applied and sanded so that no mark remains visually.

Gelcoat repair – light scratches

Gelcoat repair is used for minor damage such as scratches or abrasions. But also as a finish after repair deeper damage to the GRP. During gelcoat repair, we start by sanding the damaged area to ensure that the new gelcoat adheres well. We then apply a new layer of gelcoat. We match the color of the new gelcoat exactly to your boat color so that no visible mark remains. Depending on the depth of the damage, several layers are applied, which cure for up to 24 hours per layer. We then sand and polish the repaired area until a perfect surface is restored.

Dinghy repair

We also carry out repairs to your Hypalon or PVC inflatable boat directly in our workshop. Here we repair leaks and also repair holes on your inflatable boat. After the repair, you can again fully rely on the tightness of the hose and enjoy 100% the fun of driving.

Installations and conversions

Modernization or desired conversion,
we make it happen!

At Bootscenter Rietberg we take care of all installations and conversions on your boat. We professionally install electronic devices such as GPS plotters, radios and audio systems. Likewise, we carry out all upholstery work. We also upgrade Flexiteak and work it up. Of course, we are also happy to polish your boat and take care of anti-fouling. Test drives are possible on the Weser near Rinteln.

Engine service

Inspection, repair, winterization

We do engine service for your outboard or inboard. We carry out inspections and repairs as well as conversions and new installations. Of course, we also take care of winterizing your outboard.

Trailer service

Preparation and presentation for the main inspection

Bootscenter Rietberg offers a comprehensive trailer service. We take care of the preparation of your boat trailer for the main inspection and also guide you through the inspection.
This way you can be sure that everything will run smoothly.

Product review

Used boats at a glance
Appraiser for future owners

Evaluation of the condition and prices of used boats

We evaluate used boats, their condition and price. This way, as a future boat owner, you can get an accurate picture of the condition and maintenance costs. An evaluation of the engine, the technology, the hull, possible damage and future maintenance expenses is prepared.

What are the benefits of an appraiser for a used boat?

If you want to buy a boat, it is advisable to hire an appraiser to inspect the boat in advance and make an assessment of its condition and price. This gives you peace of mind that you know what you are buying and what any future damage or maintenance might be. We have many years of experience in the valuation of boats and always prepare our appraisals fairly and transparently.

Boat survey

Your reliable partner for boat surveys

We are sworn experts for boats, boat engines and aggregates. Our services are used by courts, the police and insurance companies. Boat owners benefit from our offer in case of damage but also for boat valuation before purchase or sale.
As an expert, we offer professional and independent advice.

Water sports insurance

The right insurance and worry-free claims handling

The right insurance

Boat insurance should be tailored to your needs.
Together with you we will find the right water sports insurance that meets your individual needs. Thanks to the cooperation with our long-term partners, we can offer you the best possible advice and the most suitable offer for you.

Damage case

In the event of damage, you benefit from us as a reliable contact partner. We take over the entire damage handling, over expert’s assessment up to the repair for you. Fast communication is guaranteed through the cooperation with our long-standing insurance partners. This way, even in the event of damage, you don’t have to worry.


We support the financing of your dream boat

Feel free to contact us about financing your dream boat. We will be happy to support you and recommend a suitable financing partner.

Your contact person:
Mr. Rupprath
Tel .: 05244 – 1550
E-mail: info@bootscenter-rietberg.de