Terhi 450 CC

Terhi 450 CC

Important key data


4.45 m


1.85 m


290 kg

The new Terhi 450 CC is a versatile, compact powerboat with a center console. The Terhi 450 CC can be motorized up to 40hp, and provides a pleasant and sporty driving experience with the center console. The steering console of the 450 CC has been moved to the center of the boat (CC - Center Console), which makes the boat better balanced when only one person is aboard the boat. The central placement of the console also makes it convenient, easy and above all safe to move around the boat. The battery and main switch have been placed in the console, improving the center of gravity and freeing up storage space in the rear bench. There is enough space under the rear bench for personal belongings and two 25 liter fuel tanks. With the optional backrest will be very comfortable.



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