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Honda BF150 iST drive by Wire

Honda BF150 iST drive by Wire

Available immediately ! Request special price now!

Important key data


150 PS


2354 cc


214 kg

Available immediately ! Request special price now!

BF 150 D LDU iST drive by Wire

Grand Prix White

Immediately available from Rietberg

Trade-in, assembly, installation and shipping possible.

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Up and away
Honda BLAST™ with PGM-FI electronic fuel injection, it provides instant acceleration, for a fast glide. To this end, the ignition timing control is optimized so that more torque is produced even at low revs so that you can quickly reach cruising speed.

One step ahead of the competition
Honda's unique VTEC (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control) technology optimizes engine performance and reliability throughout the engine's rev range (BF150 only).

Honda iST (DBW) Intelligent Shift & Throttel
The iST (DBW) system is available on all models. It offers plug-and-play installation, with precise and easy control over the motor. The system offers all the features that ambitious boaters are looking for, including fast idle mode, trolling control, engine speed and trim synchronization (up to 4 engines). Mechanical circuits are also available for some specific models.

Thought ahead
The powerful generator provides 55A, so that a battery with a charging capacity of 40A remains in excellent condition. You can also use it to power your onboard electronics.

Triple power
The combination of Honda's three-way cooling system and two air intakes is state of the art. Add to that BLAST™ torque technology for acceleration from a standstill and you'll be picking up full speed in no time. In the BF150, the racing innovation VTEC™ unleashes extra torque to give you that extra boost at high revs.

Lean mix control
Here, too, we have not been satisfied. With the ECOmo lean mixture control, these outboards confidently achieve their goal: best-in-class fuel economy and exhaust gas avoidance. And with Honda's world-renowned reliability in mind, you know these engines won't let you down.

Upper class
These engines are equally suitable for high-speed boats, as for larger boats. With the right model, you can always count on optimal performance. You can sit back, relax and listen to the sea as your boat glides through the water. Whether BF115, BF135 or BF150 - these engines are suitable for many types of boats thanks to finely tuned performance. You will be thrilled by the controlled power delivery of this advanced technology.



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